The Anschluss of Austria to Hitler Germany in 1938 was followed by pogroms against the Jewish population, and has put a mark on Austrian history. The Hörspuren project guides you through Viennese districts with the help of audio tours. The tours are based on oral history interviews with Jewish witnesses to persecution and discrimination. All 5 audio tours are free to download.




Viennese memories

There are four more audio guides available in German language. Each audio guide is unique and uses oral history material recorded in its respective language, using the original voices of the witnesses:

1) Brigittenau district (German)
2) March 1938 (German)
3) November 1938 pogroms (German)
4) Morzinplatz - Gestapo headquarters (German)

Printable maps are provided together with additional information in the "Audio-Guides" menu section. We encourage you to download the tour, the map and start exploring on your own. Each audio file (mp3 format) represents a specific tour through Vienna, and can be easily downloaded and transferred to your iPod or mobil phone. But of course, they can also be listened to at home.

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